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Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in an HOA is a very stressful experience. After the fire department has put out the fire and everyone has safely evacuated, we will take over with our extensive expertise.

Even though buildings can burn down, it doesn’t mean that they are beyond repair. We follow the NEC when doing our work, and we try to match existing materials whenever possible. We welcome you to schedule a free quote for any time of the day or evening. We are available 24/7 because emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. When you’re taking bids from restoration companies, make sure they offer emergency services at all times.

Water Damage Restoration

After a flood, water damage restoration experts like OrangeBlue Restoration Services will use the right equipment to extract all the water. This is important because it prevents mold from growing in your HOA’s walls, carpeting, and other building materials.
  • The first thing we will do once we arrive at the site is dry everything as quickly as possible by running dehumidifiers. Then, we will inspect all building systems for any signs of future problems.
  • We will try to save as much as possible. For example, if water has damaged drywall, we may decide to remove and replace the entire wall instead of just repairing it on site. We give advice and share our experience with HOA board members to achieve the best results together.
  • Next, we will replace any damaged wall or floorboards, sanitize rugs and carpets using industrial-strength deodorizers, clean up standing water on floors, etc.
After this process is complete, we can install temporary electrical systems if needed so you can turn on the lights again in your unit or association. We encourage our clients to get their electricity turned back on as soon as possible because it helps with the drying process. But before any restoration work can begin, we need to make sure that your HOA has a plan for future mold prevention and that all building materials are safe to use again after they’ve been dried out. Some companies will clean up the mess for small jobs and call it a day. This is not the case with OrangeBlue Restoration Services. We never view water damage as minor because it can quickly spread if not treated properly. Mold isn’t something you want either, so we always try to prevent its growth whenever possible. We also offer 24/7 emergency services and special discounts if our clients are affected by several disasters within a year.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because it can cause health problems if left to grow for too long. It is recommended that you have a service come out to test the air quality in your unit or association after any flood or fire damage to make sure everything is safe before moving back in. If there are any water leaks after the initial incident, mold could pop up again. We recommend that you always try to prevent as much as possible.

Yes, we offer special discounts for our clients if their building is affected by several emergencies within a short period. If there was a fire and it left your building with smoke damage, for example, we could offer a discount if your HOA decides to hire us another time for water damage restoration.

It takes anywhere from two to five days if you hire us as soon as possible. However, if you decide to deal with the damages yourself or hire another company first, it could take much longer than that due to delays. It's not recommended that you handle restoration on your own because it could be dangerous.