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Sports Fields and Courts Construction

We can put together expert materials and construction services for your sports project. No matter what the needs are for your special project, we can handle your build from start to finish. Get the best construction services you will find, right here, right now.

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The primary construction material for sports fields and courts is concrete. It needs to be smooth and flat so players can easily run, throw, or hit balls. Improperly constructed areas will have bumps or ridges, causing irregular bounces during play. General contractors like OrangeBlue, use new materials instead of traditional concrete slabs. Other surfaces include pebble-tec (made up of small stones), Polytan (special rubber), wood fiber decks, and more. We can also do double-layer systems that include a shock-absorbing layer between two types of finishes on top of the base layer that needs to be constructed.

Why Our Services?

We’re not like other construction companies who simply hire out the cheapest labor and materials to build your sports fields and courts and playground. We design, construct, and maintain your facility ourselves. In other words, we can work with you on a more personal basis. For example, we can help you choose and apply the right paint for your sports fields and courts. And we’ll build in a schedule of upkeep, so little or no maintenance will be necessary after project completion.

Moreover, we offer an unbeatable warranty — an assurance that we will fix it with no charge to you if the slightest damage occurs during the written warranty period.

So when you’re looking into what company to hire for your construction project, keep in mind that experience doesn’t come cheap. However, quality always costs less! We know what it’s like to receive poor and incomplete work done, and this is not something we’ll ever put upon anyone else. Plus, we’ve been around the block a few times, so we know how to give you excellent service at reasonable prices.

We’ll complete your project on time and guarantee it for life if you hire us!



We’re a one-stop shop for all your construction needs.


We handle the entire project lifecycle for you. This ensures the project is done on time, on budget, and without hassles.


Communication is a core tenet of what we do. Our project managers are on-site daily to ensure you know what's happening all the time.


With decades of experience, we know our craft so well that you can rest assured you're in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some similarities in terms of materials used, but the design and installation process is quite different. Playground construction typically involves placing rubberized or plastic tiles on asphalt, while sport fields and game court construction typically involves building an infill system over concrete, asphalt, or another existing surface (e.g., dirt).

Rubberized asphalt is the most common material used to construct running tracks, with pavers being another option. Many different surface options are available on the market, including striping systems, paints, and floor finishes. It can be difficult to determine which system would work best for your facility with so many differing products.

There are many different methods to building a basketball court flooring system depending on the specific requirements of an area. A key aspect to consider before selecting a particular material is the usage and performance expectations of the court. For example, if a facility requires more physically demanding activities (i.e., basketball), then having resilient shock-absorbing flooring is critical to minimize fatigue over time. On the contrary, other areas that don't require differentiating shock absorption properties can use rubber granulate or specialty coatings to allow for better traction/friction required by athletes during play. Another vital aspect is aesthetics and ease of maintenance depending on the number of hours throughout the day where the activity will take place/flooring exposed to elements (i.e., temperature fluctuations, water).