Swimming pool construction

You would enjoy your Summer days better with a swimming pool in your very own backyard. But before you start to swan dive, or cannonball into the deep end, you’ll need to do a little research .  

“Whether your pool is 10′ x 10′ or 25′ x 100′, the construction material to building a pool are really the same .  Some of the things you do need to consider before going all in are size, depth, position and location in your yard, and how much sun it gets—not to mention whether or not a pool is a good investment for your property or not . “

Before , discover all the non-negotiable steps you’ll need to take to install a pool. From start to finish, the process can take up to six months—so you need to plan accordingly. 

1) Hire a professional team.

 You can’t install a pool on your own, so a team who can help you get the job done well . 

“You can either hire a pool contractor that can do the design and construction, or you can hire an architect that can help design and permit the pool and then hire a pool contractor to build the pool.”

2) why do you need a pool in the first place ?  Is it a plan you had for sometime for laps and exercise? Entertaining the kids and family or are you trying to  Increase resale value? Just aesthetics? All of these things will dictate your pool design, so consider them before you first meet with your team. 

3) Make sure you look over regional codes and restrictions. For example, in California, “You have to have your pool minimum 5 feet from your property lines ! 

The list goes on and on . Call us and our professional pool construction guy would come to your backyard and give you different approaches to build your dream swimming pool .