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We Turn Your Dream Pool And Spa Into A Reality

You can choose from many high-quality materials to construct your pool and spa with. The type of material determines the process your project will take and of course the total cost to you. The most commonly used pool and spa materials are reinforced concrete, gunite, fiberglass, cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, steel, or vinyl. You can choose the color from white to black and custom colors based on the type of material you choose for your construction.


Our Pool And Spa Installation And Redesign Services

Get the full package on your new pool or spa when you contact us at OrangeBlue to design your dream backyard. Oftentimes, we end up doing several other areas alongside a project like this which makes the whole process easier on you.

For example, when you are redesigning your backyard, you may want to add things like landscaping or paving stones to build a walkway. Adding a gazebo or built-in grill for example are things that we can assist with. 

Surrounding your new oasis of relaxation with your favorite flowers, trees, and other new landscaping design is exactly why you should consider a full-service general contractor that will understand how all the different parts of your home work together.  

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Choosing the right pool for you

Fiberglass pools are typically finished in a light green or blue color, while vinyl is available in many colors. A new trend is saltwater pools, which don’t leave chemicals outside the pool but use an automatic system that converts regular tap water into clean, safe swimming water good for you and your family’s health.

Concrete consists of hard material (gravel, sand, pebbles) mixed with cement paste to bind them together. Concrete is solid and might be the best choice if you are considering building a pool in an area where earthquakes can take place or if there’s a risk that your concrete structure may crack because it’s not flat enough under the pool.

We also let our clients request a custom design made. You can choose the colors and shape of the tiles or mosaic you want on your structure. You can even have paintings or other designs embedded into the concrete providing additional value to your home. Decorative mosaics are usually added to pools using cement mortar mixed with colored marble chips until they become one piece of mosaic artwork. At OrangeBlue, your options are limitless!

These are just some of the selections we can build for you. We will provide you with the best options and their pros and cons to help you decide during our consultation. When there are several choices, consider what you want and need. But your pool and spa must be a safe and comfortable place to spend your free time, and no matter which construction material you choose, it should last for many years.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Pool water depth is significant for safety reasons. Around 6 inches is the maximum depth you should go without placing an automatic pool cover on top of your in-ground, gunite/stucco-constructed swimming pool when it's not in use. The purpose of the cover is to keep swimmers from accidentally going beyond shallow depths, thus preventing injuries from going underwater over their heads. For above-ground pools, limiting the depth to 4 feet is typically the safe maximum. This is also the case with free-form above-ground pools, but it's best to have at least one ladder in place so swimmers can safely get back up to shallow depths should they go beyond the 4-foot mark.

Pool covers can be broken down into two basic categories: mesh and solid. Mesh typically costs more because it allows water vapor to escape while preventing debris from falling into your pool. Solid covers are cheaper but take more effort to remove snow and ice accumulated over the winter months. These covers are often referred to as "blankets." The choice between a mesh or blanket depends on how much you're willing to spend and your climate.

Adding a spa is possible with specific considerations. The general rule of thumb is that your pool must be large enough for the proposed new spa, and you already have an existing filtration system in place. Some other issues to look into are the location of power outlets and gas supply lines, any special equipment for circulation or water treatment, size jets you prefer.