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Firepits Installation

Outdoor fire pits are gaining in popularity as sources of light, heat, and the ambiance of a cozy campfire with minimal effort. Fire pits can be installed on decks or patios, but they must be built to local building codes regarding height above grade for safety reasons. OrangeBlue can help you choose the right size, style, and quantity of materials to create a safe fire pit installation. We can even help with gas line placement if your fire pit is fueled by propane gas.

We use stone and gas fire pits, plus an array of fire glass and accessories to customize it just right for you. We will guide you through the process from start to finish so you can get everything done at once. You don’t want to be apart from your new fireplace when it’s time for winter with our top-notch firepits installation!

Water Features We Can Install

Water Features We Can Install

Fountains usually consist of pumps and valves submerged below ground level in a basin and hidden by a decorative top.


Waterfalls consist of pumps, tubing, and waterfalls submerged below ground level and hidden by rocks and plantings.

Pond Installation

Ponds usually consist of a liner installed with a pump and filter to circulate the water. They are filled with rainwater or well water, requiring an arrangement

Landscaped Pond

A landscaped pond can be an attractive and durable solution to unusable space. It consists of a decorative liner installed in the ground with a pump and filter, and it is usually filled with rainwater or well water.

Wishing Well

A wishing well is usually installed at the top of a waterfall. It consists of an opening in the ground above which water falls into. The bottom is lined with gravel and sand to create turbulence below, with plumbing that feeds back into the reservoir when not in use to keep it clean when idle.

Streamlined Waterfall

A streamlined waterfall is usually more durable than traditional spillover designs because an incorporated reservoir feeds it. It consists of a pump feeding the water up through tubing, hidden by rocks, or along the pond's edges to give an attractive appearance.

Pizza Oven Installation

Outdoor pizza ovens can provide hours of flavorful cooking enjoyment for your family and guests. But you will need to hire professionals for installation due to the weight and potential hazards involved. Cabinetry, electrical work, masonry, plumbing, and concrete are all necessary components of a professional outdoor pizza oven installation.

We can help you choose the ideal outdoor pizza oven for your space and then install it quickly and safely. Our team has the expertise to make your outdoor space a place that you will love.

Outdoor Theaters Installation

If you plan on building an outdoor theater, keep in mind that this is a project best left to the experts since heavy construction will be involved, including excavation work, concrete pouring for foundations, electrical wiring, and plumbing. Luckily, since this project can last for years, it should also add value to your home.

At OrangeBlue, we can design and build your outdoor theater in a tailored way to suit your needs and intentions. We use the finest materials and proven construction methods to ensure that your new outdoor theater is built to last for generations.

Custom Outdoor Features

Water features, outdoor theaters, and outdoor appliances such as fire pits and pizza ovens can be difficult to install for the average do-it-yourselfer. They require a significant investment in the appliance itself and require extra expenses for professional installation. Some of these appliances run on gas lines or electrical circuits that licensed plumbers and electricians may need to be installed. Furthermore, some water features such as ponds and lakes will need drainage installed around them, which professionals with experience in this area do best.

This is when OrangeBlue steps in. Our expert contractors can provide installation for all of your outdoor appliances, as well as the proper electrical and plumbing to run them.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Some homeowners go the extra mile and add mosquito fish. This is helpful but is not a complete solution because they only eat the larvae which live under the water, so there will still be adult mosquitoes flying around. For larger lakes or ponds with plants, adding mosquito-eating plants can be beneficial too. Make sure to change your water in spring, when all the mosquitoes are waking up from hibernation, and they need to breed in your pond.

Outdoor pizza ovens come in different sizes. We can install the biggest, and the best ones can cook up to 50 pizzas an hour. This is great if you are planning a party or catering event, but for average usage, you might want to keep the size down so that it doesn't take too much time to heat up before you can start cooking.

An outdoor theater can be used during winter, but it should be covered and protected from the weather. A sheet or vinyl tarp is usually sufficient for this purpose.