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Asphalt is a highly durable product that is ideal for parking lots because it can withstand heavy traffic and car weight. Asphalt surfaces last long but provide a smooth ride compared to other road surfaces such as cement or gravel.

Asphalt is the most popular choice for surface material because of its durability and economy. It forms a dense, waterproof layer, protecting the subbase or base against moisture penetration and frost heaving damage. Asphalt pavement provides many advantages to both owners and users of driveways, parking areas, streets, roads, airports, etc.

Almost all asphalt is made from natural materials. The main ingredients are crude oil, fine sand, and extremely large heat.

Our Scope Of Work

Asphalt Driveway Construction

This includes excavation, base material installation, paving, and compaction. Asphalt will be used to build the driveway for vehicles to drive on and pedestrian areas such as the sidewalk and driveway entrance.

Pothole Repair And Patching

We provide an asphalt patching service that repairs any damages or holes resulting from age or lack of maintenance to restore its original appearance.

Minor Grading And Landscaping

Sometimes minor grading is needed after paving has been completed so all surfaces can match and blend. This allows for a smooth transition between them without causing damage. Minor grading is also done before paving starts, so everything falls under high standards of work performance and requirements.

Bumpers And Curbs

All areas surrounding the pavement need to be completed since it is a system that works together. If there are any barriers, such as bumpers or curbs, they should match with the asphalt surface to have a pleasing appearance.

Road Patching And Sealing

Asphalt roads have a lifespan of about 15 years, after which it requires maintenance and patching before sealing can begin. We use cold mix asphalt due to its affordability and lower maintenance costs compared to hot mix asphalt for this job.

Sidewalks Installation And Repair

We do Asphalt installation for sidewalks either by ripping up old ones and laying a new layer of material or performing patching on damaged sections only. High standards and requirements should be met for this job to complete perfection.

This process involves scraping off the old seal coat and filling up all cracks, then installing a new sealant on top of it. It prevents reflective cracking, resulting in hazardous conditions throughout the winter seasons when the snow accumulates on surfaces. We only use high-quality materials to last longer within all types of weather.

Our commercial asphalt installation involves removing old asphalt material, excavating soil, and paving with new asphalt. Our professional contractors will prepare the site for paving apply the new asphalt material to your desired location. Our experts will then compact, level, and finish.

Commercial paving is often referred to as blacktop pavement. OrangeBlue can ensure an excellent result with reliable commercial asphalt services, whether you are looking for a parking lot or driveway construction. We have experience implementing commercial paving solutions at various locations across Southern California, including roads, sidewalks, patios, etc.

Methods Of Asphalt Installation

Asphalt paving is divided into two categories: hot mix asphalt (HMA) and cold mix asphalt (CMA). The first method uses heated aggregates mixed with the binding material on-site, while the other does not use heat to dry the aggregate mixture.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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If any changes must be made, we will perform this for free since it is part of our service. We prioritize customer satisfaction which means they will receive nothing but the best materials possible that meet high standards.

Asphalt can last anywhere from 5 to 15 years because it depends on traffic, weather conditions, and material used during the installation process. High-grade materials provide longer durability than cheap ones, which can quickly deteriorate, leading to cracks or potholes resulting in damage to vehicles or even accidents if not repaired promptly.