For Everything to Run Smoothly, It Is Imperative That the Plumbing Is Maintained Properly.

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We will schedule a visit to your facility and discuss what you want and expect from us and any problems or issues that we might find. We will advise you on a course of action and schedule a date for the work to be done. We will send you a quote for what’s finished when it’s completed. If you need any additional services or advice, you can contact us again.

We cannot provide pricing information without an in-person consultation at your facility. At that point, we can assess the necessary work and give you an idea of how much it might cost. We offer discounts for high-volume business customers like restaurants, hotels, and office complexes. You can also choose different levels of service for our maintenance packages, including general service once per year, inspections every six months, or when problems arise (24/7 emergency service).

We will fix your system quickly and cleanly with no mess when we come back. Finally, we will provide all customers with a warranty on parts and labor so that if there are any issues down the line, contact us right away so that our trained staff can easily address them.

Your plumbing system is critical to the function of your business. Without a working, clean, and clear water supply, you cannot meet customers’ needs in your facility or provide a safe environment for employees to work in. Without water, sanitation tanks to store waste and appliances like coffee machines would be useless.

For these reasons, you must maintain your plumbing system to ensure that you catch problems before they cause bigger issues. The best way to keep your plumbing in good working order is by hiring a commercial plumber to inspect the system at regular intervals.

A quality inspector will check several components of your system, including:

Water supply line installation
Sanitation tank function
Fixtures for leaks or damage
Wastewater line functionality
Appliance connections (coffee maker, ice machine, etc.) for proper drain connection.

Your inspector should identify and fix issues that might cost you a lot of money if no one spotted them until later. For example, a slow drip in a sink faucet that goes unnoticed for too long can cost hundreds of dollars worth of damage to the cabinet or countertop underneath.

Quality inspectors will be trained professionals who understand how your system works and what problems to look for. They use the latest technology tools like infrared cameras to get inside pipes and plumbing fixtures, diagnose issues and develop solutions.

Signs of Plumbing System Problems

The last thing you want is interrupting your operations due to plumbing issues. Look for the following signs and call OrangeBlue right away:

  1. Water doesn’t turn off completely even when you shut the valve off.
  2. Bathroom or kitchen sink faucets make a strange sound when turned on.
  3. You don’t hear water running in the pipes when you flush the toilet or run any other fixtures. This can indicate a leak somewhere in your system and major damage in the future if no one fixes it in time.
  4. Unusual sounds in your floors, walls, and ceiling can indicate a problem with the plumbing system or sewage line.
  5. Low water pressure throughout the building means you need to contact our OrangeBlue team as soon as possible.
  6. Leaky faucet or fixture. If it doesn’t turn off completely, you have a problem with your hands.
  7. The toilet flushes slowly or does not flush at all. This can indicate a clog that needs to be cleared out before irreversible damage is done to the system.
  8. Slow draining sinks and toilets can indicate a clog in the line.
  9. Dirty or discolored water means you have rust or other contaminants in your system. You need to fix this before it worsens and hurts your employees and customers.
  10. A sewage backup is one of the worst things that can happen at a business. We can help prevent this and repair any problems if they’re already there.
  11. Decreasing water pressure in showers or faucets means water is backing up somewhere in the system. Contact us right away to find and repair the problem before it gets worse.
  12. Leaking ceilings or floors throughout the building mean you have a plumbing issue that needs to be looked at immediately by professionals like those at OrangeBlue, who specializes in commercial and industrial plumbing services and repairs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Any time is the right time for plumbing installation. If you think ahead, you can avoid extra expenses and hassle by installing piping or water systems before they are needed - like if your business expands or has a major construction project planned soon. Otherwise, if you wait until an issue is fixed, it will take extra time and cost more money.

We recommend that commercial sites check their fluid levels every six months as part of our maintenance package. This service ensures that all pipes and fixtures are free from obstructions and work appropriately so that your building continues to function smoothly.

You don't necessarily need a permit for repairs or installations, but it is always a good idea to check with your city's building department. Depending on the project's scope and where you live, permits may be required. Even if they aren't, getting one can save you time and money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary problems down the line.