Painting And Striping

Painting And Striping Work Needs To Be Done Meticulously To Give A Polished Look To Any Project, Which Is Why You Should Work With Us.

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How Does It work?

You will provide us with a list of buildings that need painting and striping services. We will then send a project manager to inspect, diagnose, and triage all sites on your list for each of our markets – interior/exterior – based on the condition of the property and materials used, as well as its geographical location. In some cases, we may recommend we entirely paint certain facilities while others only require striping services.

Our professional paint crews will arrive at your selected sites with high-quality equipment and our staff of knowledgeable professionals. All work is subject to your approval before continuing. When it’s time for billing, credit notes are readily provided for any errors or problems with installations not up to standard or on material purchased but not needed.

Our Painting Services

Site Preparation

All surfaces to be painted should be clean, dry, and free from any dirt or other contaminants before the painting process begins. This ensures paint adhesion and prevents future peeling and deterioration such as flaking, blistering, chipping, rusting, cracking, fading, wearing off entirely, etc. We will apply a primer coat when necessary depending on the condition of the existing surface material.

Painting Interior Walls And Ceilings

We use high-quality paints in various colors to transform your premises into a more beautiful environment for your employees and guests. You can select from matte finish or eggshell sheens with incredible durability to various finishes. We can also perform painting services for interior walls and rooms that require prepping, priming, surface repairs, filling cracks, etc.

Painting Exterior Walls

We use high-grade exterior paints in various colors to provide your buildings with striking color accents. Our range of materials has been designed for new and old surfaces such as concrete or wood. We will choose the appropriate paint depending on the existing wall material, geographical location, and weather conditions (e.g., sun exposure). For instance: latex paints are used in areas where it often rains, while acrylics are more suitable in dry places like deserts.

Painting Interior And Exterior Doors

Painting doors is necessary for several reasons. It allows doors to properly integrate with the environment, provide aesthetic appeal, and protect them from rusting. We can apply paints of various colors on interior and exterior doors, including metal/wood/fiberglass, modern or traditional, commercial, hollow or solid wood, etc.

Painting Office Cabinets And Frames

Painting office cabinets are an excellent way to transform its appearance without spending too much money upfront. This will also save you time removing all existing supplies since the manufacturer already pre-installed these structures. Our painting professionals will use coatings designed for cabinets to have a shiny finish that lasts for several years before it needs to be re-applied again.

Commercial buildings must be presentable and attractive to the general public, harmful elements, potential new customers, and entrepreneurs. For this reason, commercial buildings are regularly painted with fresh colors and detailed patterns. Colors can also be used as distractions or attractants for those in these buildings, such as security personnel. Striping services compliment these painting services by signifying entrances, exits, walkways, and other specific locations inside these buildings, leading people from one place to another.

OrangeBlue offers high-quality painting and striping services to commercial building owners. These services are delivered promptly at reasonable costs that will fit your budget.
We have been offering professional painting and striping services for many years in Southern California. Our company guarantees customer satisfaction with all its work by using high-quality paints and materials while adhering to industry standards for preparing surfaces before painting (e.g., pressure washing).

Striping Services

Striping provides an effective way to improve your parking lots and other facilities. It involves painting lines on the ground that offer visual cues for drivers to follow (e.g., lanes, curbs, etc.) and keep them away from hazardous positions or objects (e.g., fire hydrants). We use special high-grade paints consisting of low VOC volatile organic compounds allowing us to comply with all environmental regulations while providing you with maximum durability and protection against weather conditions.

Some examples include painted crosswalks at intersections or driveway aprons for commercial buildings.



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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what type of service you require (e.g., interior painting, exterior painting). If this concerns inside activities, then no, you don't have to keep our personnel company. However, if it involves outside activities such as striping services on parking lots, cones and signs should be placed correctly beforehand since we will not move them afterward (except if you ask us to do it, but extra charges may apply).

Yes, we always bring high-quality paint or material that will meet your standards first before applying it to surfaces. This way, you can avoid getting any subpar paint or coating that may need fixing immediately after installation due to inferior quality products used by most companies.

Our contractors can complete most small and big projects in less than a day. Our quick and efficient services will impress you and your clients/customers or employees.